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5 uses for coffee grounds
May 8, 2018 @ 12:28 PM by: JAGDEEP SACHA

Since summer is around the corner, I thought it would be fitting to write about gardening. As an avid lover of coffee I drink coffee daily and if you're like me then you can not go a day without caffine. The next time you’re changing your coffee ground save it and use it for your garden instead. Recently I tried this just to give it a try with my indoor potted plants and my plants flourished. You'll be amazed with what wonders it does to your plants. Coffee grounds can be added to your outdoor garden as well. Listed below are a few of the benefits of what coffee grounds can do for your garden. 


If you have a compost pile, add coffee grounds into your compost pile. You can also toss in the paper filter as well. Lightly spread it on your lawn to make it greener and on your flowers to make them grow more luscious and pest resistant. This can be sprinkled around your houseplants or container plants too!

 Pest control
We might like coffee but pests like slugs and snails are not fans of coffee grains. Whenever you notice that your planet leaves are starting to get eaten by insests apply coffee grounds all around the soil of that plant. Insects liek slugs and snails (that eat our leafy plants) do not like coffee and will not be anywhere near that plant! 

 Acid-Loving Plants
Plants like roses, , rhododendrons, fothergillas, holly, gardenias love high acidity levels for them to flourish. Placing coffee ground where these plants are will help them look their best. 


 Easy fertilizer
Coffee grounds contain nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus and other nutrients which makes it a perfect fertilizer. Sprinkle a thin layer of coffee grounds on top of your soil and watch your plants flourish overtime.

Using coffee grounds as a mulch helps control weeds from growing in your garden and it helps keeps the plants more hydrated during hot days.





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